Jesus the Savior short story

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    Jesus the Savior There was a former drunkard who got converted to Christianity. He believed in Jesus and reformed his life. One day another man met him and asked him, “I heard tha



    Jesus the Savior

    (Short Story)


    There was a former drunkard who got converted to Christianity. He believed in Jesus and reformed his life. One day another man met him and asked him, “I heard that you got converted to Christianity.


    Do you know anything about Jesus?” The drunkard said, “Not much.”


    “Do you know where he was born?” The drunkard replied, “No sir, I don’t know.”


    “Do you know how many parables he preached?”


    The drunkard again replied, “No.”


    “Do you know how many miracles he worked?”


    The drunkard again expressed his ignorance.


    “Do you know, at least, how many gospels are there in the Bible?”


    The drunkard said, “I don’t know.”


    Then the man said, “For being a new convert, you know nothing about Jesus. It is useless.”


    Then the drunkard said, “Sir, I am really sorry that I am ignorant of many things about Jesus. I am ashamed of it, but one thing I am sure. Six months back I was a great sinner. I was a drunkard. My family was in shambles. My wife and children used to dread me coming home in the evening. But after I believed in Jesus and accepted Him as my Savior I reformed my life and now my family is very happy, prosperous and peaceful.”


    We may not know many things about Jesus. People spend their entire lives to study about Jesus. We may not be able to do that. We may not be as intelligent as them. It does not matter. We need not know everything about Jesus. But if we know one thing it is enough for us. That we are sinners and Jesus is our Savior. For the very name: Jesus means a savior. He came to save us from our sins.


    No man’s words or deeds are sufficiently redemptive, except Jesus Christ’s. We are saved by Jesus and His cross, we are saved by Jesus and His blood. The name of Jesus is precious and His works are sufficiently and super abundantly redemptive. St. Paul said, “The name of Jesus is above every other name and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Phil 2: 9,11).”

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