Loving In Action

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    Catholic Homily LOVING IN ACTION Readings: 2 Jn 4:4-9; Lk 17:26-37 FRIDAY - WEEI 32/ YEAR-B



    Catholic Homily


    Readings: 2 Jn 4:4-9; Lk 17:26-37


    On a full moon night, if I am romantic, I will sit outside in my backyard ogling up at the sky. Full moons make us think of love and there is nothing like being in love. Recall what it felt like when you were in love. Your heart grew faint and your breathing short, just picturing the soft eyes and tender smile of the one you adore. Being in a room with that person is a thrill. You ply him or her with questions just to hear the sound of the voice. When you are in love one thing is certain: you can’t keep n to yourself; you just have to tell that person who grips your love. Likewise, we who love God would be happier if we express our love for him. But how? St John says that it is by keeping God’s commandment and his commandment is that “we love one another” (2 Jn 5). But real love is in action. The greatest act of love that anyone can perform is to give oneself for others. Sometimes, it is easier to say “I’d die for you” than it is to say, “I’ll live for you; let me think of your interests before my own.” This is living a sacrificial love for others. But such a love can only come to us as a gift from God. Because it takes superhuman strength to live really for others. And God will certainly offer this gift if we sincerely ask him for it.


    Catholic Homily  LOVING IN ACTION

    Readings: 2 Jn 4:4-9; Lk 17:26-37 FRIDAY - WEEK 32/ YEAR-B

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