Against Loose Talk-Sirach 19:4-17

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    Against Loose Talk-SIRACH 19:4-17(The Correct Use of Speech)-He who is too quick to trust others reveals a shallow mind; whoever sins injures himself.-spreadjesus.org


    Against Loose Talk-Sirach 19:4-17

    (The Correct Use of Speech)


    He who is too quick to trust others reveals a shallow mind; whoever sins injures himself.


    One who revels in pleasure will be condemned.


    Hating gossip will save one from evil. Never repeat what you are told, and you will come to no harm.


    Report nothing to friend or foe, and unless silence is sinful, reveal it to no one.


    They will listen, but will not trust you, and you will end up being hated.


    Have you heard something? Let it die with you; remain calm, it will not burst you.


    A fool suffers like a woman in labor over something he is told.


    Like an arrow stuck in his thigh, such is a secret inside a fool.


    Talk it over with your friend, perhaps he has done nothing; and if he has, that he may not do it again.


    Talk it over with your neighbor, perhaps he has not said anything; and if he has, that he may not say it again.


    Speak with your friend, for there is much slander; do not believe all that you hear.


    Often, unintentional slips are made; for who has never sinned by speech?


    Speak with your neighbor before you heap accusations on him; then leave room for the Law of the Almighty.


    Against Loose Talk-Sirach 19:4-17

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