Silence and Speech-Sirach 20:1-8

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    Silence and Speech-SIRACH 20:1-8(Wise and Foolish Talk)-There are rebukes which are inopportune; there is the silence of a sensible man.-spreadjesus.org


    Silence and Speech-Sirach 20:1-8

    (Wise and Foolish Talk)


    There are rebukes which are inopportune; there is the silence of a sensible man.


    Better to rebuke than nurse a grudge.


    He who recognizes his fault diminishes its consequences.


    Like a eunuch desiring to violate a girl is he who uses force in pretending to be just.


    One remains silent and is thought to be wise; the other makes himself hated because of his gossiping.


    One remains silent because he does not know how to reply; the other keeps quiet, waiting for the right moment.


    The wise man remains silent until the right moment; the chatterer and fool speak out of turn.


    He who speaks too much makes himself hated; he who wishes to impose himself stirs up ill will.


    Silence and Speech-Sirach 20:1-8

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