A Prayer for Help against Sinning

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    A Prayer for Help against Sinning

    A Prayer for Help against Sinning



    Who will set a guard over my mouth, and upon my lips an effective seal, That I may not fail through them, that my tongue may not destroy me?

    LORD, Father and Master of my life, permit me not to fall by them!

    Who will apply the lash to my thoughts, to my mind the rod of discipline, That my failings may not be spared, nor the sins of my heart overlooked;

    Lest my failings increase, and my sins be multiplied; Lest I succumb to my foes, and my enemy rejoice over me? LORD, Father and God of my life, abandon me not into their control!

    A brazen look allow me not; ward off passion from my heart,

    Let not the lustful cravings of the flesh master me, surrender me not to shameless desires.

    Give heed, my children, to the instruction that I pronounce, for he who keeps it will not be enslaved.

    Through his lips is the sinner ensnared; the railer and the arrogant man fall thereby.

    Let not your mouth form the habit of swearing, or becoming too familiar with the Holy Name.

    Just as a slave that is constantly under scrutiny will not be without welts, So one who swears continually by the Holy Name will not remain free from sin.

    A man who often swears heaps up obligations; the scourge will never be far from his house. If he swears in error, he incurs guilt; if he neglects his obligation, his sin is doubly great. If he swears without reason he cannot be found just, and all his house will suffer affliction.


    -(Sirach 22:27-23:11)

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