st.Eucherius of Lyons-Bishop of Lyons_Father of the Church

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Feast Day : November 16




Also known as: Eucharius



Eucherius was born in the latter half of the fourth century. A Gallo-Roman of high rank, he was married to a woman named Galla; they had two sons, Veranius and Salonius, both of whom became bishops and today are numbered among the saints. Around 422, Eucherius withdrew to the monastery of Lérins, where his sons were living. His decision was probably spurred by the death of his wife, although she may have taken the veil. In any event, he did not stay long in the monastery, but soon retired to the island of Lerona (now Sainte-Marguerite), where he devoted himself to study and mortification. Wishing to join the anchorites of the eastern deserts, he wrote to St. John Cassian, who, in reply, sent him descriptions of the lives of these hermits. However, this turn was not to be vouchsafed him. His reputation for wisdom and virtue brought him to the attention of Church officials and in 434 or 435 he was compelled to accept the bishopric of Lyons. Eucherius left a considerable correspondence with Cassian, St. Hilary of Arles, and other church luminaries of the day, and a few other writings, including an account of the martyrs of the Theban Legion. He died about 450.

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