st.Eustathius-Bishop of Antioch and Father of the Church

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Feast Day : July 16



Also known as: Eustathius of Antioch



Eustathius was born in Side, Pamphylia. He was the first bishop of Beroea in Syria and was transferred to Antioch in 323. There he became embroiled in the Arian heresy controversy and was a fierce opponent of the sect. He incurred many powerful enemies, including Eusebius of Caesarea, who succeeded in calling a synod in Antioch in 331 and having him deposed. Emperor Constantine exiled him to Trajanopolis. Eusathius’s followers were enraged and ready to defend him by force, but he calmed them down and went into exile. Many of his clergy went with him. His followers formed their own community in Antioch, calling themselves the Eustathians. They refused to recognize any of the Arian bishops. Eustathius died probably in 360, though some sources give 336 or 337 as the date. St. Meletius became bishop of Antioch, but the Eustathians refused to recognize him. This created the “Meletian Schism,” which lasted into the second decade of the fifth century. Most of Eustathius’s writings have been lost. He was a harsh critic of Origen.

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