st.Faith-Virgin martyr

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Feast Day : October 6



Faith was born in Agen, Aquitania (southwestern France), to a prominent Christian family. Tradition held that at a young age she dedicated herself to Christ and longed to become a martyr. Her wish was granted during the persecutions. Many of the Christians of Agen took to the forests and hills to escape, but Faith remained in the city to face the arrival of Dacian, the prefect of Rome. She was arrested and brought before Dacian. He ordered her to sacrifice to the goddess Diana, upon which she would be rewarded. She refused, and was sentenced to be roasted alive on a gridiron. The spectators were so horrified at her suffering that they protested, and so Faith and several other martyrs were beheaded. Christians buried their bodies in secret. After the persecutions ended, the bishop of Agen, Dulcitius, built a church in honor of Faith and placed the relics of the martyrs in it. The relics of Faith later were translated to the abbey of Conques, which was a popular pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages. Some of her relics also reportedly were taken to Glastonbury, and churches in England were dedicated to her.

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