The First Station-Jesus is condemned to death

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The First Station


Jesus is condemned to death:The unborn condemned to death:THE WAY OF CROSS The First Station -spreadjesus.org

Jesus is condemned to death


Focus: The unborn condemned to death


Leader: We adore you oh Christ and we praise you!


All: Because by your holy Cross, you have redeemed the world!



Jesus, the source of all holiness, becomes a victim of injustice because of our sinfulness. He voluntarily took up the burden of our redemption, thus fulfilling the will of his Father through his death and resurrection.


The heart of Jesus, like that of a newborn child, is pure and holy. The tender-hearted Jesus, the prince of peace, is condemned to death, a death on the cross, with the people shouting, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” (Lk 23:21).


(Pause for reflection)


The hearts of the unborn and the newborn are, like the heart of Jesus, free from all stain of sin. The social stigma suffered by the unwed mother, ignorance, fear and sensuality are some of the factors that condemn these infants unjustly to death through abortion.


Do these innocents have no right to live? Why are they condemned to death before they can even see the light of day, the beauty and the freshness of the universe? The painful fact is that the mother herself, supposed to be the embodiment of love and compassion, condemns her own child to death, today!


Prayer: Touch the hearts of all mothers, O Lord. Our Father in heaven…


Leader: Forgive us the sins committed against these little souls and have mercy on us Oh Lord!  


All: Have mercy on us!



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