The Eighth Station-Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem

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The Eighth Station

Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem:Need of awareness to protect life:THE WAY OF CROSS The Eighth Station -spreadjesus.org


Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem


Focus: Need of awareness to protect life


Leader: We adore you oh Christ and we praise you!


All: Because by your holy Cross, you have redeemed the world!


Seeing his humiliation before the cruel crowd, the women of Jerusalem start weeping for Jesus. But Jesus, Son of God, as well as Son of Mary, required nobody’s sympathy. He turns towards the women and tells them: “Women of Jerusalem, weep not for me but for yourselves and your children” (Lk 23:28) -he acutely felt at heart their need of the Father’s mercy and salvation.


(Pause for meditation).


Prayer: Even as you speak to the women of Jerusalem, Jesus, we sense how late it is to weep for those innocent babies who have been aborted by their irresponsible mothers. Give all mothers and mothers-to-be the social and personal awareness to accept in boldness the gift of their children and to nurture their lives in love. To begin with, may they come to you with repentant hearts trusting in your merciful love.


Hail Mary full of grace …..


Leader: Forgive us the sins committed against these little souls and have mercy on us Oh Lord!


All: Have mercy on us!



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