The Ninth Station-Jesus falls the third time

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The Ninth Station

Jesus falls the third time:The unborn child-seal of creativity of God and man:THE WAY OF CROSS The Ninth Station -spreadjesus.org


Jesus falls the third time


Focus: The unborn child - seal of creativity of God and man


Leader: We adore you oh Christ and we praise you!


All: Because by your holy Cross, you have redeemed the world!


Jesus is at the foot of the hill, his destination not too far, yet his strength fails him again and he falls beneath the Cross the third time. The soldiers too push Jesus forward faster lest he die on the way.


Yes, another fall - another abortion. Another helpless little babe being nourished in the womb of the mother experiences the brutality of the parents. They had vowed not to commit the heinous deed again. But alas! Their resolve weakened, the baby falls from the mother’s womb, lifeless, its piercing cry: “Mother, O Mother! How can you not love me!” snuffed out mid-way.


(Pause for meditation)


Prayer: Oh Jesus, may these stone-hearted mothers not fail to hear the voice of the innocent unborn! May it not fail to generate repentance in their hearts, repentance that stirs them to resolve not to resort to abortion under any circumstances.


Glory be to the Father …..


Leader: Forgive us the sins committed against these little souls and have mercy on us Oh Lord!


All: Have mercy on us!




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