The Eleventh Station-Jesus is nailed on the Cross

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The Eleventh Station

Jesus is nailed on the Cross:Abortion-the nailing of an unborn Child:THE WAY OF CROSS The Eleventh Station -spreadjesus.org


Jesus is nailed on the Cross


Focus: Abortion - the nailing of an unborn Child


Leader: We adore you oh Christ and we praise you!


All: Because by your holy Cross, you have redeemed the world!


Behold the wood of the Cross on which Jesus, the Savior of the world was being nailed. His hands and feet bled, his body all wracked with pain. Jesus willingly accepted all these for the sake of all humanity for whose redemption he had been sent.


(Pause for meditation)


Prayer: Lord Jesus, how pitifully unfortunate that a baby in its mother’s womb is killed with the consent of its own parents. The medical equipment piercing through the body of the unborn and helpless baby are the nails that pierce your limbs. Can the parents live in peace after having their baby in the womb so brutally killed? Remove the darkness covering their minds O Lord!


Hail Mary full of grace …..


Leader: Forgive us the sins committed against these little souls and have mercy on us Oh Lord!


All: Have mercy on us!



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