Prayer For The Gift Of Understanding

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O most sweetest of teachers, give your Spirit to me so that I will direct my energies to work along with you. May your spirit direct this activity so that it may serve the kingdom of God and that I may be submissive to his requests. If I knew my own heart, I would desire to be ruled rather than to rule, for I would be able to see how truly weak I am. Bestow on me, then, this grace, which is called the spirit of understanding. Let it teach me to know myself so that I may de- sire subjection and not authority. Send me your understanding, O Lord, the Paraclete, that it may guide my understanding, not downwards, but upwards from which it came. Lift up my eyes so that I will see that to be ruled by the King above is better than to rule some lower things. To be ruled by him is to rule; he reigns, who is the servant of so great a King. Come, then, Spirit of Understanding, come and cleanse my heart in penitence, so that its enlightened eyes may see your will. Grant that I will keep your law in all things, for they are profit- able, they lead to life. Most Holy Spirit of Understanding, make me like a little child, pure in heart, so that by holy gazing I may enjoy the sight of God.



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