One Thing Is Needed

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One Thing Is Needed Homily year B Tuesday Week 27 Readings: Galatians 1:13-24; Luke 10:38-42



One Thing Is Needed

Bible Readings:

Galatians 1:13-24; Luke 10:38-42

A man went to college to gain wisdom, but he came away with facts and figures. He turned to business and became cunning. He tried a craft and learned only skills with his hands. He then tried pleasures, but gained a feeling of emptiness. The man felt that he would never know wisdom. He grew weary of search. But one day he stopped at a church. He listened quietly to the Word of God being proclaimed. A small voice within him said, “Be still, and know that I am God.” After a period of silent meditation on the words he heard, he felt some enlightenment in his mind, and believed that that was the beginning of wisdom. When Martha complained about being left to do all the work while Mary was only sitting and listening to the Lord, Jesus said to her, “Martha, one thing is needed; Mary has chosen the good portion” (Lk 10:42). By no means did Jesus disapprove of what Martha was doing. He was onl’ emphasising the importance of listening to God in prayer. The Word nourishes our spirit as food nourishes our body. Before starting his active ministry, St Paul went away to A?abian deserts to spend days in communion with God (Gal 1:17). We all live such busy lives that we need to set aside time for daily prayer.

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