St Narcissus

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St Narcissus Bishop Confessor Saint of the day october 29



St Narcissus

Bishop Confessor (c.11O - c.222)

Saint of the day october 29


Narcissus was of Greek origin and, being renowned for his virtues and miracles, was made Bishop of Jerusalem in 185. At his provincial synod in 198 he proposed the adoption of the Roman custom of celebrating Easter, but was opposed by certain converted Jews, the last adherents of the old Nazarene Church of Jerusalem. Others, who stood in fear of his severity, calumniated and accused him of various crimes, so that Narcissus, for the sake of peace, finally retired to the desert.


Years later, after three Bishops had succeeded him in his See, he emerged from his retirement and was urged by the Bishops of the neighbouring Sees and the faithful to resume his duties. Because of his very advanced age (around 110 years old!), however, he was selected as coadjutor to a certain Cappadocian bishop, St Alexander, who was in Jerusalem on a pilgrimage. This was the first instance of an Episcopal transfer and Co-adjutorship, and had to be officially ratified by the Palestinian hierarchy.

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