Prayer, First Remedy for Temptations

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Prayer, First Remedy for Temptations


Prayer, First Remedy for Temptations




MY CHILD, face the truth and never turn your back on facts. As long as you are in this world, you cannot be free from trouble and temptation. My written word tells you that. “Man’s life on earth is a trial.” Therefore, do not take temptations too lightly, but guard against them by frequent prayer and selfdenial. In this way the devil will never take you by surprise. He is never asleep, but he goes about like a hungry lion, seeking someone whom he may devour. ‘



Prayer for Light


Enlighten me, O good Jesus, with the bright- ness of eternal light, and let all darkness depart from my heart. Let me see through my wandering thoughts and help me to replace them with good, healthy thinking. Defend me against the evil beasts that come to me in the shape of attractive desires. Bestow on me true interior peace through Your power, so that Your praise may echo within my soul as in a holy temple. Command the tempests and storms. Say to the sea, “Be sti1l!” Call to the raging wind, “Blow not!” And there shall be a great calm within my soul. Amen.


Prayer Against Temptations


O Lord, my God, do not depart far from me. Please look upon me and help me. Evil thoughts have risen up against me and great fears afilict my soul. How am I to pass on without being harmed by them? Show me how I may crush them. You have said, “I will go before you and will humble the great ones of the earth. I will open the gates of the prison and will make known to you hidden secrets.” Dear Lord, do as You say, and let all wicked thoughts and desires flee before Your face. Amen.

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