St Catherine of Genoa Widow

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Saint of the day St Catherine of Genoa Widow September 15


St Catherine of Genoa Widow

September 15


St Catherine of Genoa Widow (1447 -1510) Born the youngest of five children in the powerful Fieschi family of Genoa, Catherine lost her father when she was barely 14. At 16, Catherine, who was highly gifted, was married oil by her mother to a profligate and violent tempered Genoese nobleman, Giulianno Adorno as part of a political realignment. During an ecsatatic vision in 1463, after having led a virtually wasteful life for 10 years, she was given an insight into God’s infinite love and Goodness, and as a result, was, for the remainder of her life, literally consumed by the fire of divine love; she rcceived Holy Communion daily, and spent herself in heroically caring for the sick in the city hospital she governed, particularly during the plague which claimed four-fifths of Genoa’s population between 1497 and 1501. In this mission she was joined by her Husband after his conversion.


Catherine herself suffered from ill health for some years. in delirium since 13 September 1510, she died at dawn on 15 September and was canonized by Pope Clement XII in 1737.


St Catherine’s famous revelations in connection with Purgatory are set forth in her two books, “Spiritual Dialogue” And "Treatise on Purgatory”. Considered outstanding works on Christan mysticism, these writings have also earned her the title, "Apostle of Purgatory”.

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