Reflection and Foresight-Sirach 18:19-29

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Reflection and Foresight-SIRACH 18:19-29(The Need for Reflection and Self-Control)Find out the facts before you speak; look after yourself before you become ill.-spreadjesus.org


Reflection and Foresight-Sirach 18:19-29

(The Need for Reflection and Self-Control)


Find out the facts before you speak; look after yourself before you become ill.


Examine yourself before judgment comes, and, on the day of God's visitation, you will be forgiven.


Humble yourself before you become ill, and show repentance for your sins.


Let nothing prevent you from fulfilling your vow on time; do not wait until death to put things in order.


Prepare yourself before praying, and do not be one of those who tempt the LORD.


Keep in mind the justice of the last days; God will turn his face from you on the day of vengeance.


When you experience abundance, remember the days of famine; when you enjoy riches, think of poverty and misery.


Time slips by between morning and evening; all things pass quickly before the LORD.


The prudent man is cautious in everything; when sin abounds he will keep away from wrongdoing.


Every sensible man recognizes wisdom and respects those who obtain her.


Those who speak sensibly are wise, and marvelous sayings flow from them.


Reflection and Foresight-Sirach 18:19-29

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